As a producer I follow the customer (agencies or companies) from the beginning of the project.

I study with them the concept of the video considering the image and the story of the brand, the target and the purpose they want to reach. I summarise everything in a storyline, a script, to be shared with the film company in charge of making the video. I supervise for the customer the shooting and the editing, reporting all the work in progress day by day.

I’ve been working in this business for more than 10 years. I started writing and directing tv sales and corporate videos as “video business card” for the companies, then I started to be a producer for tv programs. Since I became a freelance, I focused my business on commercials and brand storytelling, specially for the web.

I use a Canon 6D for photos and video

Premiére Pro for video editing

Sometimes the customers use already a film company who is in charge of making all the videos they need, but sometimes this is not the case. As a part of my services I also propose to the customer some film companies or freelances I use to work with.